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ELITONE uses a comfortable form of Microcurrent Stimulation to stimulate the pelvic floor muscles.  A GelPad is worn on the surface (like a pad).  It stimulates the muscles to contract and tone.  It is worn 20 minutes daily for multiple weeks until continence is restored.

  • Effective - Studies show Elitone works well 

  • Conservative - No surgery, No drugs

  • Noninvasive - No vaginal probe

  • Convenient - Use at home while doing other tasks

  • Discreet - Worn under your clothes

  • Easy to Use - Kegels can be hard to do correctly

  • Comfortable - Slow contract and release excercises 

Who is this for?

Elitone is designed for women who have mild-moderate urinary incontinence​​



MILD - Occasional light leakage from vigorous activities such as exercise, coughing or sneezing.

MODERATE – Leakage often enough that  you wear pads almost daily.

SEVERE – Leakage constantly or from simple movements such as standing up, walking or bending over;  May also exhibit prolapse, where the pelvic organs start to drop.



STRESS incontinence - Leakage with increased abdominal pressure from sneezing, coughing, and physical exercise. This is the most common type of incontinence and is often attributed to weak pelvic floor muscles.

MIXED Incontinence - Stress and Urge Incontinence symptoms presenting together.


URGE Incontinence - Muscles of an "overactive bladder" contract and cause strong desire to urinate.